Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm down to the wire with my holiday soaps, and of course I had to get a cold!  I managed to get quite a few done last week, many of which are remakes, so enjoy...

Meyer Lemon (remake)

Verbena (remake)

Black Amber & Lavender

Black Amber & Lavender (side view)

White Tea & Amber

The Blues (remake)

Renaissance Fair (remake)

Mandarin & Bergamot
 I thought I would post a picture of Vanilla Fig after it cured.  It is such a dramatic difference.  I am always amazed at how much a soap can transform after the cure time.  This is a perfect example of how a fragrance with vanilla can do this.

Vanilla Fig (right: just cut; left: after cure)

Whew!  I'm all done with my holiday soap.  Now on to lotions, scrubs, lip balm, and such! I will post some pictures after these cure up and get packaged.  I hope everyone has a productive holiday season! Only a couple more weeks until Halloween and then it's a rollercoaster until January, so hold on tight!


  1. They all are gorgeous! And quite huge!
    I like colourful designs, so I cannot pick none as my favorite, they all are perfect. Vanilla fig is not as brown as I could expect, you have pink and blue intact. I guess those parts were without f.o.

  2. Your swirls and color designs are absolutely masterful! Gorgeous soaps!

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  4. This is seriously mind blowingly beautiful. I just got some of my own soap molds from and I cannot wait to try one of them with these swirls! Thank you for sharing, and for the constant soap making inspiration!