Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting ready for Spring - freshly cut soap

Meyer Lemon
It's hard to believe that I am already making soap for the Spring!  I am waiting for a shipment of fragrances that I am going to be trying out, plus I have bunch of new colors I am going to be playing around with...SO exciting!  I cut this Meyer Lemon soap today.  I change it every time I make it, but I love the fragrance so much.  Below are pictures of soap I made a couple weeks ago.  I have since trimmed and cleaned them up, so they are much prettier now.  I am anxious for the sun to come out more often so I can get some proper pictures.  I took the last picture in my kitchen after I poured the black shaving soap.  That is the soap looking down into the PVC pipe I use as a mold. I thought it looked pretty cool. 


Black Tea Shaving Soap

Black Tea freshly poured