Friday, October 12, 2012


Several months ago I wrote about how I was so excited to be switching my office with my oldest daughter's room.  We were all ready to go, and then she had surgery on the tendons in her left foot, so we put it off. Of course I had already moved a bunch of stuff down from my office into my living room before we heard about the surgery.  It has looked kind of like an episode of hoarders around here for the past several months, but I am happy to say that progress is being made!  Emily has been mostly moved to the upstairs, and although we were a little worried that the stairs would still be risky at this point, she is doing a fabulous job of navigating them without giving her mother a heart attack (I still hover a little...I won't lie).  We are working on the details to make her room teenager acceptable, but so far so good.  I will post a picture at some point if I get permission from the said teenager, although she doesn't like it when I post pictures of her or her stuff on the internet (can't say I blame her).  As for my office, I am slowly getting things prepped and organized.  I can post pictures of my office, although there is nothing too exciting to see yet.

A blank canvas waiting to be filled!

So far, I have scrubbed, painted, and assembled/moved in a couple pieces of furniture.  We cleaned the carpet today, so all the furniture we moved back in is bunched up on one side of the room.

The side of the room that actually has
something in it.  The other half is empty.

I decided to go with a bright, fresh color on the walls, since the lighting is not the best.  We have a lot of red artwork and accessories, so I'm mainly going with red as our accent color.  I love bright colors, so you never know what I'll throw in there!  I'm quite excited to get organized again (as is my ever patient husband).  As well as tackling this project, I am working on all my holiday soaps and goodies! I can't go without posting some soap, so here are a couple pictures of our newest Fall/holiday soap.

Pumpkin Lager Beer Soap

Peppermint Stick Cupcake Soap

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