Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fruity Friday - Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap & Citrus Sorbet Shea Butter Soap

So technically it is Saturday, but as I made these on Friday, "fruity Friday" it is!

I'm super happy with the Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap!  The minis are still too sticky to come out of the cupcake liners, so I'll give them another day.  No matter how many times I use a colorant that morphs overnight, I still get nervous waiting for it to turn out.

Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap

Here is the cut Citrus Sorbet.  She's pretty, but I am trying to master the hanger swirl, and I'm still not satisfied with my results.  I need to try it with a FO/EO that I know will not thicken too quickly.  These will still be very nice after they cure and are cleaned up I think.  I am tremendously happy with the scent, as I was afraid it would disappear since it is mostly citrus.  It is still really strong and lovely. :)

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