Friday, May 4, 2012

Salt Bar Soap and other Spring Soap

I have already posted some of these, but I took some new shop pictures today.  I have three salt bars that I am listing soon.  I absolutely love salt bar soaps.  I love that they last a long time, that they gently exfoliate, and that they are so good for the skin.   The first salt bar is Lemon Verbena.  I have been fighting the urge to consume this soap because it smells SO good!  The scent is strong, fresh, and invigorating.  I made this one with coconut, olive, and castor oils.  Despite being salt bars, which tend to have less lather, they have a nice bubbly later that I love.

I wanted some green in these shots since the soap is so white.  I went out to find that my little garden had been almost entirely taken over by mint.  So although there is no mint in the soap, there are mint leaves in the picture.  The crazy thing about this mint is that I planted one mint plant three years ago in my planting bed.  I thought I had completely eradicated it from the garden last year, and it is back this year.   Note: you should only plant mint in a pot by itself...

The White Ginger & Amber Salt Bar is made with coconut, rice bran, and castor oil.  White ginger and amber is a rich, alluring scent.  I love it way more than I thought I would.

Passionfruit Rose was made with coconut, olive, and castor oils, and has rose, silt, and kaolin clay.  Clay lends color as well acts as a purifying agent in the soap.  I can't wait to try this one.

I just listed Sweet Pea, and will be listing Plum Tea and Rice Flower and Shea very soon.  These are three soaps perfect for Spring.


  1. Oh wow! These look fantastic, and I agree with you Lemon Verbena smells so good you could practically eat it. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I am going to put one in my shower soon (because I'm keeping one for myself), and I'm definitely going to have to resist the urge to periodically lick my soap. ;)

  3. Hey admin!!! these soaps are amazing do they are appropriate for rough and dry skin? do you mind to give some skincare tips
    with these soaps?