Monday, April 23, 2012

Rice Flower and Shea

I'm just posting random soap pictures as I take them this week.  This is Rice Flower and Shea.  I made this soap a while ago, but it was raining here, and I couldn't get a good picture.  It has gone from really cold and rainy to temperatures in the 80s in the last couple of weeks.  My flowers (and weeds) are blooming like crazy, and I am able to take some photos again!

Rice Flower and Shea is a soft, powdery floral. It is a really great one for Spring.  I dropped and shattered an empty fragrance bottle with remainders of this fragrance on my kitchen floor a while back.  We were smelling it for days.  Lucky for us, it is not an overwhelming scent. Could you imagine dropping a full bottle of fragrance like that?  I haven't done that yet (knock on wood), but I can already picture my husband's eyes rolling if/when it does happen.

This soap will be listed in my Etsy shop in a few weeks and will be coming with me to the Berry Fest on Mother's Day weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Plum Tea

A quick post with pictures of the Plum Tea Shea Butter Soap I made on Friday.  The sweetness of the plum tea fragrance mellowed out a bit, and I love it even more.  I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A little bit of Spring Soap Porn

I haven't been posting much lately, but I have a good reason...I have been making soap!  Wedding season is in full swing, and I have been making mini cupcake soaps for quite a few showers.  I love working with customers and customizing soap for their special day.  It is so much fun.  The last couple of weeks has been dedicated to making soap of my own design for the upcoming Berry Fest here in Roseville, CA on Mother's Day weekend.

I have made a couple of salt bars.  This one is White Ginger and Amber made with rice bran oil.  I really love this scent, as it is a departure from the scents I have been using lately.  I also made a pure white salt bar scented with Lemon Verbena.  Each of these bars of soap is around 3.5-4oz. in weight.  I have found that a smaller bar is great with salt bars since they last such a long time.  I have at least one more scent planned for this week.

These are the two cupcakes that I created for the Berry Fest.  the first is a new version of Sweet Strawberry.  The second is Sweet Meyer Lemon.  I made several versions of these: mini cupcakes, large cupcakes, cake slices, and petit fours soap.  I will post some pictures of everything after they have cured.  It was quite a chore to get everything arranged on my curing rack. :)

Today I fit one soap in before I was called to the school to pick up my daughter after she fell and scraped both of her knees.  This one is Plum Tea.  This scent has just the right amount of sweet combined with floral.  It is made with all my typical oils plus rice bran oil and shea butter.  I will try to write another blog post this weekend with pictures of this soap out of the mold.

I have a new favorite floral this season.  Lilac is a very feminine scent with a perfectly powdery finish.  I saw a really cool cake a few weeks ago that inspired the layered look of this soap.  I think it is the perfect soap for Mother's Day.

I also actually made one for the men.  This soap, named "5 O'clock Shadow," has a very rugged scent that combines leather FO with cedar essential oil.  It is masculine to the extreme. Like all my shaving soap, it has kaolin clay with the addition of activated charcoal for color.

I have a couple more non-soap projects up my sleeve that I plan to make in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully I will have time to keep up here too!  Thanks for stopping by...