Friday, February 10, 2012

400 Facebook Fans! Yea!

This Giveaway is Closed.

To celebrate reaching 400 fans on Facebook, I am having a little giveaway.  This is probably the biggest giveaway I have had so far, so hopefully I will have a lot of entries this time!  I am having the giveaway here because Facebook has some rules, and I'm not really sure what exactly they are, so I'd rather be safe than sorry.  It would kind of be ironic to have a fan giveaway only to have the page shut down!!

What am I giving away?  Well, I am keeping part of it a surprise (because I LOVE surprises!), but I will tell you that (in honor of St. Valentine's Day) I am giving away one of my Red Velvet Cupcake Soaps!

How do you enter?  Well, first you must be a Facebook fan (of course!).  Then, comment here (and please leave your email somewhere so I can contact you!).  You can say anything you want or tell me if you have some special plans for Valentines Day (please no TMI, thanks) if you need something to say.  :)

You can get extra entries by posting the contest on Facebook or tweeting about the contest (make sure you comment back letting me know or put @pitterpatterndesigns so I can see the post). I will choose the winner Monday night.  You won't get the package in time for Valentine's Day, but consider it a Valentine from me to you! ;)

Just a side note... I recently discovered Pinterest (crack for the creative mind).  Come on over and follow me, and I promise I will follow you back.  I love to see what everyone is pinning!


  1. I LOVE your cupcake soaps and all the details that you've been adding! I still haven't made soap since the last time we "spoke" but I am still planning on it ;) I've also been putting off checking out pintrest because I know that it will be a full on addiction! - Addie

  2. Hi Ann! I loved the soap you sold me for my brother and dad, it smelled great! We are going to see a movie for Valentine's Day, and I picked out two special desserts to make... one for my man, and one for the kiddos! Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Colleen (

  3. Oh my Goodness, that soap is Divine! I've never smelt Red Velvet but I've seen the cake (not tasted it, sadly) and I always LOVE the idea of it.

    For Valentine's Day, actually hubs and I aren't doing anything really ... we were talking about it last night, money is tight and it's on a Tuesday so we'll be tired from work etc and then we just stopped talking, smiled at each other and both said that we didn't need one day every year to tell each other we love each other.. we do it every single day and we fall in love with each other more every single day. Sorry if that's just way too mushy!!!

    Best of luck with the competition and a congrats in advance to the very lucky winner!!!

    Celine (

    1. Should be an "at" in between the info bit and the rest there!!! Oopppss!!

  4. It's great to see some traffic here! We have just hit that age where a babysitter is really tough, even the ones Shannon really likes. So we will be having dinner at home, and Shannon and I will probably go to the bakery and pick out a special dessert that Daddy will like! I hope you girls and Aaron have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Maryanne (you have my email - for SURE!) Oh, and I think the winner of the last contest is automatically disqualified from this one - it just wouldn't be fair!!! Love you!

  5. Already a FB fan -- love seeing your yummy posts out there! No big V-Day plans here --- everyday is Valentine's Day at our house! ;)


  6. Tweeted it here for you!!/BPRDesigns/status/168738800464437248

  7. Hi Ann,
    I received my soaps and I love each and every soap I ordered. I gave my friends your web site as they all loved them as well. I'm looking forward to putting in another order soon. Happy Valentines Day!

  8. Love all your soaps. Recently became a fan on Facebook. Congrats on 400+

  9. Hi Ann, When I see your soaps on facebook they look like they would taste so good and I just love seeing all the different types and how they look before the finished product. I need to check out all your soap scents and see if I can decide on something, because I sure would like to try them. Happy Valentines Day and congrats on your 400 fans.