Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Soap and Other Projects

I have not posted here in such a long time.  The holidays were busy, exciting, and exhausting all at once.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed them, I have to say that I am happy that the girls are back in school and we are back in some sort of schedule.  I have been quite busy restocking soap and designing some new soaps for the coming year.

Red Velvet Valentine Cupcake Soap

 These are soaps that have been freshly cut and will be cleaned up and ready in a few weeks.  The White Tea and Ginger is a new to me.  The scent is refreshingly sweet and pleasant.  I colored the soap using rose clay and yellow silt clay.  Although I usually opt for bright colors in my soap, I am really enjoying the muted, natural tones of this soap.

White Tea & Ginger
Lavender Herb

I also made a fresh batch of Bee Clean Soap.  It is made with beeswax and honey, which gives the soap a mildly sweet scent.  This is quite popular with those who don't like color and scent in their soap.

Now that I am back on schedule and have a bit of my sanity back, I hope to be posting many more soap creations and pictures. I have one more surprise that I have been working on, but I want to have it cured and cleaned up before I post pictures.  So stay tuned...


  1. Yes please! I miss you! (well, your blog to be precise! LOL)

  2. Awww, thanks! It feels good to be back. The holidays are kind of controlled chaos for me. I love my kids, but I can't get anything done when they are home! ;)

  3. Wow! That is one awesome swirl on your Bee Clean soap! (I would say it's almost un-bee-lievable!) ;)

  4. LOL, the beeswax makes the soap the perfect consistency for swirls. I couldn't resist taking a picture before cutting it into bars. :)

  5. I've smelled a White Tea & Ginger soap before and it was wonderful. It made my bathroom smell so nice.

    And the topping on the Bee Clean is so awesome looking. I love it.

  6. Love the colours of Lavender Herb and that Honey one looks edible.