Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last Minute Shopper SALE!!

In honor of 12/12/12 and the upcoming  twelve days of Christmas, we are going to reward you last minute shoppers with a SALE: Use coupon code TWELVE12 for 20% off!  Remember that in order to get your goodies before Christmas, you should place your order by the 17th of December. We will keep this sale going until then!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Just a little preview of what I've been working on lately...


Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap
(this one is a restock)

Jasmine Poppy Seed Goat Milk Soap

Birch Forest Goat Milk Soap
I will post pictures of these soaps after they are packaged.  I also did a remake of Rose Petal and made Mocha Almond Soap and cupcake soap.  I just need to take some pictures.  The weather has been a bit gloomy lately.  I think I might get out my light box and play around a little bit tonight!  If I produce something good, I'll be sure to let you know!

I will be at the Maidu Community Center on December 1st for their Annual Holiday Craft Fair from 9-4.  If you are local, I would love to see you there!

I'm having my mother and father-in-law over for Thanksgiving this year.  We are having a Thanksgiving feast with a twist.  What are your Thanksgiving Plans?  I love to hear what kind of food people are making!! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012


Several months ago I wrote about how I was so excited to be switching my office with my oldest daughter's room.  We were all ready to go, and then she had surgery on the tendons in her left foot, so we put it off. Of course I had already moved a bunch of stuff down from my office into my living room before we heard about the surgery.  It has looked kind of like an episode of hoarders around here for the past several months, but I am happy to say that progress is being made!  Emily has been mostly moved to the upstairs, and although we were a little worried that the stairs would still be risky at this point, she is doing a fabulous job of navigating them without giving her mother a heart attack (I still hover a little...I won't lie).  We are working on the details to make her room teenager acceptable, but so far so good.  I will post a picture at some point if I get permission from the said teenager, although she doesn't like it when I post pictures of her or her stuff on the internet (can't say I blame her).  As for my office, I am slowly getting things prepped and organized.  I can post pictures of my office, although there is nothing too exciting to see yet.

A blank canvas waiting to be filled!

So far, I have scrubbed, painted, and assembled/moved in a couple pieces of furniture.  We cleaned the carpet today, so all the furniture we moved back in is bunched up on one side of the room.

The side of the room that actually has
something in it.  The other half is empty.

I decided to go with a bright, fresh color on the walls, since the lighting is not the best.  We have a lot of red artwork and accessories, so I'm mainly going with red as our accent color.  I love bright colors, so you never know what I'll throw in there!  I'm quite excited to get organized again (as is my ever patient husband).  As well as tackling this project, I am working on all my holiday soaps and goodies! I can't go without posting some soap, so here are a couple pictures of our newest Fall/holiday soap.

Pumpkin Lager Beer Soap

Peppermint Stick Cupcake Soap

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall Events Coming Right Up!

September is starting off with a busy couple of weekends! We will be at the Good Street Food and Designs Market on September 2nd.  If all goes well, we will also be at this event in October and November as well.  We are doing the happy dance!  Hoping to meet a lot of new people there! Then we will be at First Fridays in Roseville at the Fountains on September 7th from 5:30-10:00pm. It is the last First Friday until next Spring, so don't miss out! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Charcoal Facial Soap

This post is about a couple soaps I have been planning for some time.  Yesterday, I made charcoal facial soap (not sure what I'm going to call it yet).  I have been wanting to make this soap for weeks, but I spent a lot of time researching ingredients that are beneficial for the face.  I have terrible skin issues with my face, so I kind of made this for myself too.  I put all kinds of moisturizing oils and butters in this soap, plus essential oils that have antiseptic properties (they smell amazing as well). In addition, it is colored using several clays and with lots of activated charcoal to draw out impurities in the skin. Oh, I also used aloe vera liquid in place of distilled water. In four weeks, I plan to try it out and share the results.  I ended up with some smaller bars as well, and a few mostly clay bars that are around 3.5 oz. each.

My other project for the week was mastering the rebatch.  French milled or rebatch soap is a technique that has alluded me thus far.  Part of the problem was that I had not invested in a double boiler, so I made a makeshift one out of a bowl and a sauce pan.  It didn't work out too well for me...  I ended up with soap that kind of resembled ground beef.  My family loved it because it smelled fantastic, but it definitely was not for public consumption.  

So armed with my double boiler (which I bought for this and making lotion), I decided I would finally master the rebatch. I used aloe vera liquid in it, so it should be nice and soothing.  This is the resulting soap.

I'm pretty happy with my work!  This soap seems really light, although each bar is 5 oz.  I will be curious to see how much the bars will weigh in a few weeks, after the water has cured out of the soap a bit.  

My soap making has slowed considerable since my kids are now home for Summer vacation.  We are trying to fill our days with fun activities and occasional outings and play dates.  I am already setting up craft shows for the Fall though!  Make sure you sign up for my new newsletter to find out when and where you can find me  (upper right hand corner)! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fruity Friday - Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap & Citrus Sorbet Shea Butter Soap

So technically it is Saturday, but as I made these on Friday, "fruity Friday" it is!

I'm super happy with the Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap!  The minis are still too sticky to come out of the cupcake liners, so I'll give them another day.  No matter how many times I use a colorant that morphs overnight, I still get nervous waiting for it to turn out.

Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soap

Here is the cut Citrus Sorbet.  She's pretty, but I am trying to master the hanger swirl, and I'm still not satisfied with my results.  I need to try it with a FO/EO that I know will not thicken too quickly.  These will still be very nice after they cure and are cleaned up I think.  I am tremendously happy with the scent, as I was afraid it would disappear since it is mostly citrus.  It is still really strong and lovely. :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

It has been a busy week for me.  I have been making soap, going to doctor appointments, making lotion and lotion bars, and then all the normal stuff.   I'm trying to get as much in as I can before I have three girls talking my ears off.  My two little ones have their last day of school on Tuesday.  I just have the teenager at home this week, and although she likes to talk my ear off too, one is a lot easier to handle than three!

Anyway, I started off the week making some dog soap.  I wanted to make something that would sooth my dog's sensitive skin.  Although she is a non-shedding breed of dog, she has very touchy skin that is prone to "hot spots."  She just can't seem to leave them alone until she is red and raw.  This soap has a blend of lavender essential oil, a very small amount of tea tree, and several small amounts of other essential oils that deter fleas and other pests.  It has oatmeal, which is soothing for that sensitive skin, and activated charcoal that draw out toxins and impurities in the skin.  It also has shea butter that will be good for the coat.  Once this soap is cured, I will try it on three types of dog.  My dog, who is small with hair-like fur, my parents' dog, who is large with medium length fur, and my in-laws' dog, who has short needle like fur (Oh, I haven't told them that they are guinea pigs yet!).  I did a lot of research on this one before I made it, and I hope it does the trick for our dog Daisy.

Clean Dog Bar Soap

I also made a myriad of lotions this week.  I made up a bunch of my solid lotion using my new blossom shaped mold.  they really turn out so pretty!  I also made my first batch of regular lotion, with which I am already in love.  They go on really smoothly without feeling too heavy and greasy.  After about 5 minutes, the oils are soaked in, leaving soft silky skin.  The new scents are: almond cream, Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Orchid & Violets, and Citrus Sorbet.

Today was another soaping day.  I made some soap in my new essential oil/fragrance blend we have named Citrus Sorbet. It is a blend of blood oranges, May Chang (a lemon citrus), grapefruit, and a hint of delicate floral.  No pictures of this one yet, but I should have some after the weekend.

I also made up some new Apricot Freesia Cupcake Soaps.  I am quite pleased with the way the swirl "frosting" turned out.  The middle tones should morph into a more orange color by tomorrow.  The bases are pure white. I have tried this swirl once before, but with a more narrow frosting tip and with yellow and white.  I found that there wasn't enough contrast between the two colors, and once they squeezed through that narrow tip, I ended up with just yellow.

Oh, and I managed to put together my new website up and running too!  My Etsy shop is still there, but I decided to start the new website for my local customers, who are willing to meet up with me, and for those who don't like the whole Etsy thing.  I find that some of my old school customers are intimidated by Etsy and don't like the fact that you have to "sign up" before you can purchase.  So you can now find my products in two places. and  Yippee!!

I also am building an email list so I can send out a newsletter with our sales, new product news, local events, etc.  If you are interested, you can click here or click the side bar link on the upper right. :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Exciting Move!

Well, I am actually only moving my office from upstairs to downstairs. Despite how anticlimactic that sounds, this is not only an exciting move for me, but for my oldest daughter and my entire family as well.

About five years ago, my now teenage daughter was rendered wheelchair bound by a devastating and degenerative disease called Rasmussen's Encelphalitis. When she was no longer able to climb the stairs, we had to move her room from upstairs to downstairs.  After having a hemispherectomy (where they remove/disconnect half the brain) over 3 years ago, she has slowly gained back her mobility and is now able to walk and climb stairs again!  Needless to say, I am extremely proud of her...but I am also super excited to have my downstairs office back.  I have been carting my soap gear up and downstairs as well as taking over my dining room with labeling mess.  It will be so nice to have everything accessible again and in one room!   Lucky for me Em finds it a bit creepy downstairs by herself at night. ;)

I wish my craft room would end up looking like this one (cue angels singing).


A girl can dream!  Anyway, I will just have to be content with my most recent purchase, these photo boxes from IKEA, which I will of course be using to store soap.  They are really reasonably priced, all the same sized, and since I like storing my soap in breathable cardboard boxes, made from the perfect material.  I also like the fact that they have little removable tag labels on the front so I don't have to write all over the box.

I am going to be very busy over the next couple of weeks moving stuff up and down the stairs. I am determined to sneak some soaping time in there too! Hopefully I will also have a few pictures to share soon. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scrubs and Lotions Coming Soon!

This summer, I am going to be introducing several "non-soap," well at least non-bar soap, items to my shop.  Among them are several types of body scrubs, liquid lotions, and body creams.

This scrub contains turbiano sugar, strawberry seeds, and ground vanilla beans that provide optimum exfoliation, while a combination of oils and acai butter soften the skin.  It is scented with a juicy array of berries and vanilla bean.  Rose clay helps detoxify the skin.

Vanilla Berry Body Scrub

Can you see the yummy seeds and vanilla bean specks in there?

This scrub is available now in my Etsy shop.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Salt Bar Soap and other Spring Soap

I have already posted some of these, but I took some new shop pictures today.  I have three salt bars that I am listing soon.  I absolutely love salt bar soaps.  I love that they last a long time, that they gently exfoliate, and that they are so good for the skin.   The first salt bar is Lemon Verbena.  I have been fighting the urge to consume this soap because it smells SO good!  The scent is strong, fresh, and invigorating.  I made this one with coconut, olive, and castor oils.  Despite being salt bars, which tend to have less lather, they have a nice bubbly later that I love.

I wanted some green in these shots since the soap is so white.  I went out to find that my little garden had been almost entirely taken over by mint.  So although there is no mint in the soap, there are mint leaves in the picture.  The crazy thing about this mint is that I planted one mint plant three years ago in my planting bed.  I thought I had completely eradicated it from the garden last year, and it is back this year.   Note: you should only plant mint in a pot by itself...

The White Ginger & Amber Salt Bar is made with coconut, rice bran, and castor oil.  White ginger and amber is a rich, alluring scent.  I love it way more than I thought I would.

Passionfruit Rose was made with coconut, olive, and castor oils, and has rose, silt, and kaolin clay.  Clay lends color as well acts as a purifying agent in the soap.  I can't wait to try this one.

I just listed Sweet Pea, and will be listing Plum Tea and Rice Flower and Shea very soon.  These are three soaps perfect for Spring.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rice Flower and Shea

I'm just posting random soap pictures as I take them this week.  This is Rice Flower and Shea.  I made this soap a while ago, but it was raining here, and I couldn't get a good picture.  It has gone from really cold and rainy to temperatures in the 80s in the last couple of weeks.  My flowers (and weeds) are blooming like crazy, and I am able to take some photos again!

Rice Flower and Shea is a soft, powdery floral. It is a really great one for Spring.  I dropped and shattered an empty fragrance bottle with remainders of this fragrance on my kitchen floor a while back.  We were smelling it for days.  Lucky for us, it is not an overwhelming scent. Could you imagine dropping a full bottle of fragrance like that?  I haven't done that yet (knock on wood), but I can already picture my husband's eyes rolling if/when it does happen.

This soap will be listed in my Etsy shop in a few weeks and will be coming with me to the Berry Fest on Mother's Day weekend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Plum Tea

A quick post with pictures of the Plum Tea Shea Butter Soap I made on Friday.  The sweetness of the plum tea fragrance mellowed out a bit, and I love it even more.  I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A little bit of Spring Soap Porn

I haven't been posting much lately, but I have a good reason...I have been making soap!  Wedding season is in full swing, and I have been making mini cupcake soaps for quite a few showers.  I love working with customers and customizing soap for their special day.  It is so much fun.  The last couple of weeks has been dedicated to making soap of my own design for the upcoming Berry Fest here in Roseville, CA on Mother's Day weekend.

I have made a couple of salt bars.  This one is White Ginger and Amber made with rice bran oil.  I really love this scent, as it is a departure from the scents I have been using lately.  I also made a pure white salt bar scented with Lemon Verbena.  Each of these bars of soap is around 3.5-4oz. in weight.  I have found that a smaller bar is great with salt bars since they last such a long time.  I have at least one more scent planned for this week.

These are the two cupcakes that I created for the Berry Fest.  the first is a new version of Sweet Strawberry.  The second is Sweet Meyer Lemon.  I made several versions of these: mini cupcakes, large cupcakes, cake slices, and petit fours soap.  I will post some pictures of everything after they have cured.  It was quite a chore to get everything arranged on my curing rack. :)

Today I fit one soap in before I was called to the school to pick up my daughter after she fell and scraped both of her knees.  This one is Plum Tea.  This scent has just the right amount of sweet combined with floral.  It is made with all my typical oils plus rice bran oil and shea butter.  I will try to write another blog post this weekend with pictures of this soap out of the mold.

I have a new favorite floral this season.  Lilac is a very feminine scent with a perfectly powdery finish.  I saw a really cool cake a few weeks ago that inspired the layered look of this soap.  I think it is the perfect soap for Mother's Day.

I also actually made one for the men.  This soap, named "5 O'clock Shadow," has a very rugged scent that combines leather FO with cedar essential oil.  It is masculine to the extreme. Like all my shaving soap, it has kaolin clay with the addition of activated charcoal for color.

I have a couple more non-soap projects up my sleeve that I plan to make in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully I will have time to keep up here too!  Thanks for stopping by...