Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soapmaking Birthday Party!!

We had a soap making birthday party for my daughter's 9th birthday this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't get any pictures of the girls making the soap (I was too busy controlling the chaos), but I got a couple afterward.  I only included pictures of my own children, but everybody made really cool stuff.  Our theme was neon and peace signs (two of Julia's favorite things).

The soapmaking itself was chaotic but fun.  I had all the girls add one color and one fragrance, which they used for one big soap and several small soaps.  After the soap was cooled, we popped them out and the girls used the smaller soaps to swap with each other so they ended up with a few colors and scents.  Here are what my two ended up with.

We put their soap in a paper bag and I put this in a larger bag along with their party favors.  This was then tied up in a ribbon and put aside until it was time to go.  It is my experience that once the party favors, etc. are opened and messed with, they end up being left, mixed up, or generally tossed around, so this final step prevented that dilemma.

The cupcakes were lemon with neon pink frosting.  They match the cupcake party favors that I made for the girls.  No one probably noticed this, but Julia was excited about it, and that is all that matters.  All of the girls LOVED the pink frosting, and of course, they put it on their lips like lipstick.  Silly girls!

Each girl went home with their soap, a cupcake soap, and a lip balm.  I found these tiny little lip balm tubs (I want to squeal every time I see them).  I put a little flower sticker on top, and they were perfect to go along with their cupcake soap.  Since Julia is really into peace signs right now, I customized her label to include that along with her special birthday message.

The girls loved the party and requested a repeat next year! We had so much fun!!


  1. The cupcakes are too cute and look delicious.


  2. Thanks! Her actual birthday is on Tuesday, so I froze a few to frost and eat then! YUM!! I think everyone was excited that I made cupcakes that we can actually eat. ;)

  3. A very happy birthday to the little soap maker! That sounds like a productive birthday. I am also planning my son’s sixth birthday party and I was just going through venues looking for a nice venue New York has for the occasion.