Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just cut - Happy Swirling!

My kids are all back in school (and adjusted), so I have been able to get busy soaping this week!  This first one is Karma, and although karma is colorless, this colors came to mind when I got ready to make this soap.  I believe the bottom portion will settle into a nice tan color and the top colors may mellow out a bit as the fragrance discolors.  We will see...

My Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap has been such a hit at all my markets and fairs (who doesn't love beer, right?), that I added this Honey Ale to the mix.  It was a fast mover for me, so it didn't go as planned, but it definitely has its own personality (my mom said the bottom one looked like an egg ;)).

I have also been running low on my Black Tea Shaving Soap.  I cut this soap this morning, and I couldn't get over how cool the swirls turned out this time.  Every bar turned out awesome.  I am one happy soaper! I had to take several pictures of this one because they turned out so different.  All of this soap will, of course, be available in the Etsy shop in about 4 weeks.

I am off to make more soap... I am taking a break from the market tomorrow to take care of some boring  business stuff, but I will be back at it next week!


  1. Your soaps look wonderful and I really love the black tea one. Funny I tried for 6 weeks to sell my beer soaps and it just didn't translate at all (they were unscented). We worked with a local brewery who ended up buying all my beer soaps and ordered more but the public just didn't get it at all. They kept saying oh cool and then I'd rather drink it instead. I'm thinking it's an American type of product. I personally loved it and the lather was amazing. I'm trying a scented essential oil one this time and will take the focus off the beer and see what happens.

    Glad it's doing so well for you. Yes markets take a lot of time. I'm counting down until all three of mine are finished.


  2. Oh wow! Yes, your swirls are amazing! I love how you got such clean lines on your beer soap! My customers loved all the beer fragrances - in fact, it's time to go check the liquor store for some pumpkin lager! :)

  3. Thanks Michelle! Yes, Americans are very into anything drink related. I often get requests for other drinks as well. The fragrance I use for my beer soap is really good also, and I think that pulls them in. It is very dessert-like. Good luck on finishing up your markets! :)

    Thanks Amy! I have heard good things about pumpkin lager. You might have to wait until the holidays get a little closer for pumpkin beer though. My cousin makes homemade beer, and his pumpkin beer is amazing! I don't think I could bring myself to use any of his beer for soap. A lot of work goes into home brew. So I'll just settle for drinking it! :)