Friday, September 9, 2011

A couple new soapies

I just listed a couple new soaps in the Etsy shop.  I redesigned the Cherry Almond, adding a little more almond, as the last batch was really, really strong on the cherry.

Turkish Mocha is a scrumptious combination of coffee and chocolate.  I am already getting a lot of hungry customers at the farmer's market who want to eat this one.

I also made a new batch of Meyer Lemon.  My first batch did not last long.  I made the top a little more colorful this time. :)

I have a very busy weekend planned in the soap kitchen.  I am providing mini soap cupcakes for a birthday party next week and have a fairly large wholesale cupcake soap order pending, so I really need to stock up on cupcake soaps.  Yea!!

My daughter is also turning nine at the end of October.  We have a very soapy birthday planned with melt and pour soapmaking for the girls and mini cupcake party favors (Julia wants neon pink frosting with neon yellow and white bottoms and green glitter).  We are also making matching real cupcakes.  I can hardly wait (Why yes!  I do like to plan ahead. Just a bit).  Of course I will take plenty of pictures. :)

What do you have planned this weekend?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just cut - Happy Swirling!

My kids are all back in school (and adjusted), so I have been able to get busy soaping this week!  This first one is Karma, and although karma is colorless, this colors came to mind when I got ready to make this soap.  I believe the bottom portion will settle into a nice tan color and the top colors may mellow out a bit as the fragrance discolors.  We will see...

My Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap has been such a hit at all my markets and fairs (who doesn't love beer, right?), that I added this Honey Ale to the mix.  It was a fast mover for me, so it didn't go as planned, but it definitely has its own personality (my mom said the bottom one looked like an egg ;)).

I have also been running low on my Black Tea Shaving Soap.  I cut this soap this morning, and I couldn't get over how cool the swirls turned out this time.  Every bar turned out awesome.  I am one happy soaper! I had to take several pictures of this one because they turned out so different.  All of this soap will, of course, be available in the Etsy shop in about 4 weeks.

I am off to make more soap... I am taking a break from the market tomorrow to take care of some boring  business stuff, but I will be back at it next week!