Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a little soapy goodness

I have been really busy attending events in my area and my weekly farmer's market.  I finally was able to catch up on my soap pictures and Etsy listings.  I thought I'd share a few pictures.  You can find all of these soaps in my Etsy shop.  Happy Monday!!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Soap Mold Love

The bottom has already turned a nice, rich

My dad loves to make things with wood: tables, desks, chests, etc.  So when I mentioned to him that I might want to make a wooden soap mold, my dad graciously volunteered to make one for me. I told him it was no hurry, that I am perfectly happy with my log molds, but I would like to have a wooden slab mold in the future.  So, a couple weeks later, he and my mom gave one to me for my birthday and bought dividers for it and everything!  Like I said before, I have always been happy with my log molds, but with all the awesome soap swirling going around, I wanted to play. Thanks Dad!

This is my first soap with the mold, and I am completely in love.  It was so much fun to have such a large area to work with.  I can see that I will use this mold a lot in the near future. I just didn't know what I was missing!

I have also been working on some new lip balms.  The tubes in the back are the new ones.  I made up some new labels that are a little cleaner looking that the old ones.  I have to take some product pics for the Etsy shop, and then I will be ready to add them.  The new flavors are Acai, Asian Pear, and Creme de Menthe.  I also made some in Butter Creme, Coconut, and Passionfruit Rose.

Cupcake soaps have been quite a hit at the farmer's market I attend each week.  I make some this weekend in Blackberry Sage and Sweet Strawberry to replenish my supply.  I am loving the new glitters I have been using. They add a hint of color along with the sparkle.

A few more pictures of the market this week.

My little helper