Sunday, June 26, 2011

Out to Sea - Reconstructed

The Out to Sea saga continues... OK, so I made some soap called Out to Sea. Those of you who follow closely might remember it.

The salt melted (disaster). I decided that I liked the good part too much to give up. I thought about it...and thought about it...and I thought of a solution. I still wanted it to look like a day out to sea. So I decided to scrape off the salt the best I could. There was still a little salt where it went down in the soap, but most of the surface on the top was scraped down to the soap. I had to do this gently because the salt literally disintegrated into a fine powder. This picture was kind of dark because I took it with only my kitchen light on, so although the soap looks like it is solid aqua, it still has that nice variation of color.

I piped on some soap, let it sit a bit and used a skewer to fashion some wavelike peaks of soap. This is what I ended up with. I think I might be happier with this than the original soap!

So moral of the story (which I have learned many times in my life): when it seems like things are hopeless, never give up! :) Ok, it probably wasn't quite as dramatic as all that, but I'm happy anyway.

I also made this one this weekend.  This FO decided to accelerate on me big time.  I wasn't sure about the turnout until I cut it this morning., but the soap fairies decided to help me out a bit I think.

Moonlight Pomegranate


  1. I really like both versions of Out to Sea. The salty version is still my favorite (sorry), but the waves certainly do this soaps name all honor. I am wondering...will the waves stay or will that part detach once the soap is in usage...hmmm...please keep us posted

  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, things don't always work out as planned. I made a boneheaded move and ruined the first idea... It was WAY to blah without anything on top at all. I don't think the top will fall off, I've attached things similarly before and had no problem, but only time will tell. I will try one out in a few weeks and post again. Keep your fingers crossed for me!