Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S.O.A.P. - The Wrap Up

I am finally finished testing all the wonderful fragrances for the Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. Panel.  I ended up testing them in three products: cold process soap, lotion bars, and since I had some left over, bath fizzes.  I am going to create some really nice gift sets with all the things that I have created during this experience.  They will be available as soon as the fragrance names are revealed. :)

As I mentioned in my last post, some of the cold process soap discolored unexpectedly.  Most of them remained white or ivory, but as you can see below, #8 and #9 turned a medium tan color (#5 was orange when poured and turned a dark tan).  I do process my soap using the CPOP method, which may darken it more than if I did regular cold process soap.  I was very pleased with how these fragrances held up under the soaping process.  The only one that seemed to change was #9, which I felt mellowed quite a bit in the soap.

There were really no surprises in the lotion bars and bath fizzes.  No discoloration occurred, they did not cause any problems, and all the fragrances blended well with the ingredients used.  I did notice that several of the fragrances smelled less strong in the lotion bars than out of the bottle, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

I am really glad that I had the opportunity to work with some unique fragrances while on this panel.  I feel that I have a new appreciation of florals and I am able to single out individual notes within a fragrance better than I could before.  I will take this skill with me as I pick new fragrances for my customers. Thank you so much Bramble Berry!

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  1. LOVE your photos and THANK YOU so so so much for how seriously you took this panel and all the work you put into it. You ROCK! =)

  2. I really mean it when I say that the pleasure was all mine. This was such a great learning experience for me, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can't wait for you to reveal the true identity of the mystery 7!

  3. I've enjoyed reading about this as well. I love the shape of your bath bomb mold. Is that a silver ball mold you use?

  4. Thank you! I am glad you liked it and thank YOU for leaving a comment. I love to hear what people think. :) Yes I did use a silver ball mold. Those are tricky things to master. I gave myself a workout putting them together!