Thursday, March 10, 2011

S.O.A.P. Testing Day Two - The Day After

I do apologize that I didn't post this sooner.  Now that I got rid of that nasty cold, I can smell again (thank goodness!).  I found that most of the fragrances had nice staying power in the soap.  Some smell even better and more floral, and some mellowed a little, but there was nothing too surprising.  7-10 where tested in a separate batch.  These heated up a little more than I would have liked.  This was due to my error only and it didn't seem to change anything about the fragrances.  On the left are plain white soap without fragrance in which to compare the color of the tested soap.

The gardenias were very interesting to me.  Since I knew what they were beforehand, I was really able to judge according to my knowledge of the flower.  After reading my initial impressions, you may be surprised by my findings.

#1Gardenia:  This stayed a very light ivory, mellowing a little in the soap.  Although I think this is nice smelling, I do not think it smells like gardenia at all.

#2 Gardenia:  This settled into a nice ivory color the next day.  Smells much like it did in the bottle.  I really like this fragrance a lot.  Although this doesn't smell the most like gardenia out of all three fragrances, this is my favorite of the three.  It is such a pleasant scent and does smell very much like the flower.

#3 Gardenia:  This soap is also an ivory color. It still has some spots throughout due to that weird clumping thing it did when mixing in the fragrance.  It wouldn't bother me much, but they are there.  This didn't change tremendously the day after, but enough that I like it slightly less.  It almost has a sour note at the end, and although I do like the fact that it smells much like the flower itself, I actually prefer #2 to this one.  I know, I was surprised myself!

#4: This is also ivory.  The lily smell in the soap mellowed slightly, but it was able to retain the green note that I enjoyed so much.  Lovely.  I really like this one.

#5:  This one was still orange the next day (as you can see in the picture), but since I had to wait a few days before writing this up, it has darkened into more of a dark orange tan.  This has mellowed in the soap.  It is not quite as sugary sweet and I detect more of the floral notes in it than I did straight out of the bottle.  It is still a little sweet and sugary for my taste, but much nicer in the soap.

#6:  No color change to this soap at all.  You can see that it is the same color as my control bars.  No real change in the fragrance that I could detect.  I'm still thinking freesia.  A very delicate and pretty fragrance.

#7:  This one also appears to be an ivory color.  It isn't quite as strong in the soap as in the bottle.  Still very citrusy.  I still say orange blossom.  I wish it was a little stronger in the soap, but this may change as it cures (I hope!).

#8:  This one is interesting.  Looking at the pictures, you would say that there was hardly any color change.  It is nearly as white as the control bar.  After the last week, it has darkened into a tan color.  I will revisit this when I show the cured soap.  I thought it would be best to photograph them again after another couple weeks.  The fragrance is much the same as it was in the bottle.  No big surprises.

#9:  This one has also turned tan after time.  You can see that it was white in the picture also.  The fragrance is still very melon to me.  It seems quite a bit more mellow than in the bottle and less sweet.

#10:  Stayed a  nice white color, maybe yellowed a touch.  It has mellowed in the soap in a very good way.  I can smell more of the rose coming through and it has lost much of that OFF smell.  It still reminds me of the woods though.  I like it.

My favorites**: Hmmm.  I have a very difficult time picking favorites, but I will give it my best shot.  I do not have an intense dislike toward any of the fragrances, so that is a good thing. :)  My least favorite would be #5 - too syrupy sweet for me.  I like all the others in varying degrees.  Here are my top five in descending order (drum roll please...).
#2 (I felt I had to choose only one of the gardenias...#3 came in closely as a second gardenia)
Weird that they followed the chronological numbering...

I plan to do another post once they have cured a bit more.  You will see the color changes I was talking about above.  I will note any further changes in the fragrances then.  I also have made some very nice lotion bars with these fragrances.  I got sick half way through making those, so I will post on those next week!

**I reserve the right to change my mind after these babies cure... ;)

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  1. Thank you so much for being so thorough! I love your little control bars too, great idea =) Can't wait to see what you think when they're done curing!

  2. I can't wait either. I have to confess that I am very torn between gardenia #2 and #3. :(

  3. Thanks for posting about my Freesia bars.
    Gardenia #3 did the weird clumping thing to me, too. The Sheer Freesia did the same, so I'm seeing little white spots in my colors. :/

  4. You cannot see any spots in the picture. They are just beautiful.