Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Tea Shaving Soap

I had to wait to take some pictures of the soap I made the other day since it has been gloomy here in California.  We do not usually get this many rainy days in a row!   Here are some pictures of my black tea shaving soap after it was cut.  It will be several weeks before it is ready to use.  It smells so nice and manly. :)

I had to include this picture of the precut soap.  I thought it looked really cool.


  1. Oh now that is some very lovely soapy swirls going on there :-). I love the variation you've got between each bar, truly artisanal soap xx

  2. Thanks! These were so fun and smell really good. So manly! My husband keeps asking me when they are going to be ready. :) I love cutting swirls like this because you never really know what is going to be in there!

  3. Black Tea was the first soap I made :) Looks great!!