Sunday, February 27, 2011

S.O.A.P. Out of the Bottle Impressions

I received my S.O.A.P. fragrances on Friday, and I really could not wait to get started with my testing. I spent Friday night and all Saturday sniffing and comparing the fragrances to what I know and getting the opinion of a few family members.  These are my first impressions out of the bottle.  I wanted to post these before I tested them in soap so I could compare before and after.  The first three are gardenia (we were actually clued in on that fact).  The remaining seven are a mystery.  I thought that I might smell some of them and know instantly which flowers they resembled, but I was wrong.  It is very difficult to identify these fragrances, even though some are familiar.  So instead of trying to positively identify the flower, I am giving my impressions with some flower possibilities.

Gardenia #1:  Light and pleasant.  In my opinion, out of the three this one smells least like an actual gardenia flower.  It is definitely something I would like to use though, as the scent is not lingering or overpowering.

Gardenia #2:  This one is more earthy than the first.  I also feel this one smells more true to the gardenia flower than the 1st.  It smells very much like the former gardenia scent offered by Bramble Berry, which I have used and love.

Gardenia #3:  This is my favorite out of the three gardenias.  Out of the bottle, it is spot on like the gardenia flower, especially in the finish.  As gardenias are one of the few flowers I am extremely familiar with, I am positive about this one. Love it!

#4: Very pleasant.  It starts off strong like a lily and finishes very green smelling.  It created a very nice visual of the flower and the greenery.  I really like this scent.

#5:  Very strong and syrupy sweet.  It reminds me of honey and cloves, some kind of syrupy, toasted dessert or of some kind of liqueur.  I really have no idea which kind of flower it could be, maybe honeysuckle or something similar?  I am very curious to smell this one in soap.

#6: I really like this one.  A clean, fresh floral...freesia comes to mind.  It finishes really powdery and clean.

#7: Sweet and citrus.  It could easily be orange blossom or some other citrus flower.  

#8: This is very different than the others.  I feel it is much more masculine and peppery.  I can smell spice and possibly cloves?  I'm not sure what flower to compare this to right now.

#9:  I immediately thought of melon when I first smelled this one. It is quite sweet.  I also smell a hint of peppermint. Hmmm...Jasmine, maybe?  That would be my best guess.

#10:  I was hit instantaneously with the feeling of nostalgia when I smelled this one.  It reminds me of OFF bug repellent in a way, which I hate to say because you might think, "uhhh, yuck," but it is not an unpleasant smell to me.  I think of the outdoors and camping.  I am calling this one Citronella Rose for now because those are the two most predominant scents to me.

Wow, I have a whole new respect for those who did the first S.O.A.P. panel.  However, I am very inspired to do some gardening and to pay more attention to the scents of the flowers I encounter.  I am sure that I am way off on some of my guesses. I am quite curious to see how my impressions of these scents will change after they are in soap and if I will be able to more easily identify the flowers. 

I am testing these fragrances this week, and I will, of course, share my results with you here. Stay tuned...


  1. All the scents sound quite interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing your experiments.

  2. I won't keep you waiting long. I should be posting sometime this week. :)

  3. Yay! I'm so glad that your S.O.A.P. package arrived to you safely! Thank you so much for blogging about it. It's fun to read your reactions and oh so helpful for us too!

  4. I'm on the SOAP panel, too! Our initial notes are very similar, especially about the Gardenias. I also detected citrus in #7.
    I, too, have more respect for the first SOAP panel. I was trying to do the same thing you were; guess the flower. But I was overwhelming myself with that and switched to just writing down my thoughts and descriptions of the fragrance. Good luck and have fun!

  5. Thanks Anne-Marie and Catherine! I am having a lot of fun with this. I have my samples curing, and I am waiting for my nose to recover from this cold so I can post more about the scents in the soap. I can't wait. It is so frustrating not being able to smell properly!