Friday, November 19, 2010

Spearmint Eucalyptus Shaving/Complexion Bar

So, I have been wanting to try some shaving soap for sometime.  I kind of wanted to make one in a mug, but then I thought, "what about me and all the other ladies that would like a good soap for shaving our legs?"  I decided to make it in a bar instead.  There are a lot of really nice clays that you can add to soap to make it nice for shaving and I finally settled on kaolin clay, not only because it makes for a nice shaving soap, but also because it is mild and beneficial for all kinds of skin.  I wanted a really luxurious bar, so I also made this one with coconut milk.

I love mint and I love eucalyptus, and this scent is a perfect pairing of the two.  When I smelled it, I automatically thought snow, so that was the inspiration behind this bar of soap.  I think the dusting of mica on the top really makes it.

Find this soap here.

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