Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Soap for Winter

These two soaps have some of my favorite things, mint combined with chocolate and beer.  Luckily, these are two separate soaps! 

This Oatmeal Stout Beer soap is nice in smell and texture.  While I was making it, my house smelled so good. One of the best things about this soap is that it is made with actual beer!  It was all my husband and I could do not to eat this stuff.  Now that it has cured, it has a really nice, warm smell that is much more masculine than it was initially.  Find this soap here.

This next soap combines everything I love about winter, which is probably why the name is so fitting.  The smell and appearance remind me of hot cocoa and snow, warm and cold.  I also added cocoa and espresso powder to accentuate the already chocolaty smell of the scent.  Espresso powder wakes up your pores as the mint wakes up your senses.

This Winter soap is listed here.


  1. Beautiful soaps, Annie! They look and sound wholesome enough to eat! I really like the color combo you have going on in the second one, it works so well :)

  2. Your beer soap turned out beautifully! I had so much fun making beer soap recently. Also, your Winter soap has a stunning top! The white and blue swirl remind me of snow and mint, cocoa and espresso sound amazing. This is the epitome of winter!

  3. Thanks Anne-Marie. I had a lot of fun with the beer soap too. It turned out smelling so much more masculine than I originally thought it would. I have been wanting to try beer soap for some time, so I am excited that I finally got the chance. :)