Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mouse Tea Party

I promised more rodents, so here they are.  This is another Christmas gift to my girls from last year.  I found a tutorial for this pyramid purse (find the link here).  The matching picnic blanket gives them a place to sit (only one of which survived the year - the other is in the toy abyss), and the figures are fashioned from Fimo clay (love that stuff!).  You can just let your imagination go for that part!  The most useful tool that is readily found around the house was a bamboo skewer for detail (and I used a glass to flatten the plates). I suppose if you got really serious about your Fimo creations, you would get some more sophisticated tools, but I wanted to use what I had lying around. Follow the instructions on the Fimo packaging to harden the clay, and you're finished!

When the mice are finished with their picnic, just have them crawl back into the bag until next time!


  1. Adorable! My 4 year old would just go nuts over these!

  2. Thanks! Aren't tiny little toys great (so you can suck them up with the vacuum)?

  3. Ann you are such a magician with all crafts! I totally want a mouse picnic now :) lol