Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soap Preview

I have been making soap like a crazy person this week!  I have a couple of holiday craft shows coming up, and I signed up to participate in a soap swap with some fans of Brambleberry (my favorite soaping supply company).  I am very excited about everything.  So this week, I made a couple of soaps and I am experimenting with a mold that I love.

Earlier in the week I made this Ginger Pear soap. This is a favorite scent among family and friends.  I have switched to CPOP (cold process/oven process) for a while.  I am getting better results with it right now, and I especially like how my soap turns out when I am doing something more on the herbal side.  I don't know exactly what it is, but I like it!  I used nettle leaf powder and paprika infused olive oil to color this soap, and I am really happy with the result!  This picture really isn't doing the soap justice. I will take more time when I take the final photos, but I am just too lazy to do it right now. It is also really overcast this week, which messes up my natural light.

This next one I am going to use for my Brambleberry soap swap.  It is scented with Neroli.  I CPOPed this one as well.  My inspiration was the neroli plant and its blooms.  It turned out looking really fresh.  The smell of this one was pretty overpowering when I was making it, but it has calmed down a lot overnight and smells wonderful.

This last little guy is the coi fish I have been experimenting with.  Isn't he cute?  I made some green ones the other day too, but I think I'd like to try some really bright colors.

Of course everything will have to cure for several weeks and I will have much better pictures then, but I thought I'd give you a little peek!


  1. As my preference is always all natural... I am loving the nettle/paprika soap! Gorgeously naturally beautiful. xo Jen

  2. Your Soap Swap soap is gorgeous! I love the neroli fragrance. Thanks for the exciting sneak peek!

  3. You're welcome and thank YOU! That makes me feel good. I've been having a super fun soaping week!