Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Projects

I haven't been blogging lately, as I have been really busy getting ready for the holiday rush.  I have several new projects in the works!

I cut this soap this morning.  It is called "Winter". The scent is an intoxicating combination of chocolate and mint. I added a little cocoa powder and espresso powder at trace to accentuate the chocolate scent and added Spearmint Eucalyptus to the top to highlight the mint.  I am in love!  I can't wait to try this soap once it cures.

I have also been experimenting with lotion bars.  I have wanted to try making these for a while.  I like the idea of using the bar instead of all the watered down lotions.  I often get too much lotion and then I take forever to rub it in.  These bars allow you to use very little and it lasts and lasts.  I am exploring ways to package these babies and then I will likely add them to the shop (and take better pictures!!).

I also put together this basket for the school raffle this Friday.  I think it turned out really nice.  It has a pumpkin theme with a pumpkin pie soap, a pumpkin pie cupcake soap, and some harvest sugar scrubs.  Yum. (Of course, I'm looking at this picture and it looks like I put the label on upside down.  I think it was just turned the wrong way in the photo...doh!)

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  1. oh gosh! I just now saw your Winter soap, how utterly unobservant of me! Beautiful bar, Annie, ADORE the colors! This one looks like a winner :)