Monday, October 4, 2010

A Bookshelf Fantasy

Found it here

I dream of one day having a library full of books. I love the smell of the pages and the look of them all stacked there, waiting for me to read them all.  I would also love to have one of those ladders that slides across the top, and I can just see myself sliding from side to side with the wind in my hair...  Does this make me a little weird?  Maybe, but I want it just the same.

I have come across some amazing bookshelves that have stoked this fantasy recently.

This is a color coded library.  So pretty...

Found this here

Could it be?  Library AND wine storage?  I would never leave my house...

Library Cellar Dining Room
Found this here

Some unusual bookshelves...

Hamster bookshelf

Hidden bookshelf (I love)

I came across this on a site titled...bookshelf porn (couldn't really put it a better way myself).

(via midinette + jujasp)
notice the ladder ;)

And this one is just too cool not to include...





i’m in love.

(via conanthelibrarian)

Alas, I will have to wait until the children are grown and I can afford to create my ultimate library.  For now, I will settle for my little bookshelf (and maybe a step ladder), my many piles of books, and the list of books within my Kindle to get me through.


  1. Anne, I am so with you on this! I grew up in a house full of books, my father was the avid reader and collector. Never saw him without a book and seldom were the times his head was not lost in some book. His collection was somewhere around 6000 books, having read each and every one of them. His favorite room was his library, books from floor to ceiling. I have taken after my father, but yet do not have the space to create my own library. Books all over the place, but like you I envision my perfect bookshelves and/or system for stacking them, sliding ladder and all :) Personal libraries to me are totally Zen, if you know what I mean. Ahhhhhhh...books! Thank you for that post and for giving me the opportunity to indulge

  2. Oh you are so welcome! It was my pleasure (believe me). My dad was the same. He is more into histories than I am. I prefer fiction over non-fiction (although I enjoy both). My mother-in-law is also an avid reader, and she loans me a lot of good books (I have a separate pile for those). I am always happy to encounter other book lovers! Someday we will get our fantasy bookshelf... :) If you liked those, you should check out the last link. There are pages and pages of bookshelves and cool book pictures.