Friday, September 24, 2010

Red Apple Soap

To me, there is nothing more refreshing than a crisp, fresh red apple.  They remind my of fall and the trips we have taken to apple hill.  This soap is completely inspired by those juicy red apples from the inside out.  I particularly enjoy this apple scent because it is not overwhelmingly sweet like candy, but amazingly crisp and fresh with just enough sweet.  I love it. Find this cupcake here.

I have gotten several requests for party favor cupcakes.  Since my regular cupcakes are a little on the large side, I have started making these mini cupcakes that are perfect party favor sized.  They come in a set of three and total around 6 oz. of cuteness. Find these here.

I am not completely happy with these pictures.  Natural light is my lighting of choice, and as fall is upon us, they are coming out a little dull.  Just as I get summer natural light mastered...

Finally, my bar red apple bar soap.  This came out several ways.  I did three loaves and they all came out different!  Some are quite layered, and some are swirled a bit.  I kind of went crazy that day.:)

Again, I am wishing I had a smello computer.  I really think someone should invent one.  These smell delicious.  Find this soap here.


  1. The cupcake soaps are so cute, and the Red Apple bar soaps look great! I love Apple FO - it's so crisp, fruity, and fun!

  2. Thanks! I like the apple FO too. I had a lot of fun with this one. :)