Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Cupcake Shea Butter Soap is Back!

This batch of Sweet Strawberry Cupcake was made with a different colorant, so is much lighter in color this time.  The result is a very girly, delicate soap.  I am really loving these mini cupcakes, and I am selling them in a gift set of three.  I also made a small batch of bar soap this time (for those of you who are not thrilled with the cupcake thing).  This soap is extraordinarily sweet.  My girls LOVE it!

 Find this soap here

 Find this soap set here.

Find it here.


  1. Your frosting piping looks great Ann! I can just imagine the smell. Makes me want to take a bite out of it!:)

  2. Thanks Courtney. I am slowly getting better at the soap frosting thing. I just need to learn how to be patient! ;) They are quite edible. Good thing my kids are old enough that they have a bit of restraint now!

  3. Fabulous and realistic cupcakes! I wish I could smell the sweet strawberry scent. Yum! Love the fluff and definition of your frosting!

  4. Thanks Anne-Marie, it is definitely something that takes practice. I have spent several evenings in my kitchen making a complete mess doing this. These really do smell good. Strawberry + Hello Sweet Thang...