Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cupcakes...Sneak Peek!!

I can't help it!  I have to post the pictures I took of my newest cold process soap cupcakes.  They are not quite ready yet, they still have to harden a bit, but the yuzu should be ready sometime next week.  I am very pleased with they way they turned out.  I'm getting a little better at frosting with soap (it is not as easy as doing it with frosting -let me tell you).  They don't always turn out "perfect", but it makes them look more realistic in my opinion.

Yuzu (Japanese Grapefruit)


Passion Fruit Papaya

These goodies will be available in the next couple of weeks!  I can't wait!!  They smell good enough to eat! Yummy!! I have some Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes on the curing rack also.

On the menu for this week...Red Apple Cupcakes...Coconut Lime Cupcakes...More Sweet Strawberry (I sold out!)  I'm going to be a soap making fool this next week! 

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