Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Bird Story...

So about a week ago, my husband was out in the garage and heard something scurrying back in forth outside in the roof gutter.  Assuming it was a rat, he proceeded to climb up a ladder to "take care" of it.  Despite the love of rodents our children possess, we do not want rats circling the house.  EEWW!!  When he got up there, he saw this little bird skittering back in forth along the gutter looking terrified.  We felt so bad, we had to get the little thing out.  I got a stick and tapped the end of the gutter to get it to go toward him, while he caught it and started "talking it down".  The poor thing was very scared.  Although it was a baby, it was a rather large baby morning dove.  It could almost fly (at least it was flapping its wings like crazy every time we let it go!  We put it in a box and dropper fed it some water (it was very thirsty) and let it rest.  When we opened the box to check on it a while later, it flew out, managed to get a few feet off the ground and flew straight into the sliding glass door!  We felt SO bad.  While it got out, we did manage to see some sort of injury under its wing and it was very easy to catch after giving itself a concussion. So Aaron (my husband) called a local animal shelter and they said to just drop it off.  Apparently they had quite a few morning doves for the poor thing to play with.  The girls were all happy to hear it, as they wanted to adopt it forever.  It was a cute little thing.  It seems that our house is a popular place for local birdies to nest.

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