Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amazing Paper Art

In the evenings, when I am not reading, I do a lot of art surfing on the web.  I have come across several artists recently who create works of art out of paper.  These particular artists blew me away!  There are so many gifted artists in this area.  These are only a few that caught my eye.

This first artist, Peter Callesen, creates these amazing miniature sculptures using only a single sheet of paper.  The amount of detail in these sculptures is nothing short of amazing, and to think that he not only uses only one sheet of paper, he uses only the paper immediately surrounding the sculpture itself!

A Single Sheet of Paper

A Single Sheet of Paper

Everyone has fond memories of cutting out paper snowflakes at school for the winter and the holidays. Aoyama Hina, has taken this craft idea and transformed it into an art form.  The intricate detail is exquisite.

These cute scenes from Anastassia Elias are made from a recycled toilet paper tubes. Below is a paper quilled snowflake by Stephanie Sanchez, which I think is beautiful.


Pointy Paper Filigree Snowflake

Artist Yuken Teruya makes everyday objects beautiful. Here he makes a toilet paper tube come alive.  Below, he discovers new life in a McDonald's Happy Meal bag.

Corner Forest

Yuken Teruya's Delicate Paper Bag Art

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