Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Liza Creations

It is my great honor to write about a friend of mine who creates unique, one-of-a-kind quilts for little ones. Jennifer Ciplet, founder and owner of  Dear Liza Creations, crafts these extraordinary quilts with modern fabrics and design.   The mother of a sweet little girl, and one on the way, Jennifer wants to emulate in her quilting, and in her mothering, these essential values: authenticity, environmental stewardship and creativity.

 As the daughter of an avid quilter, I can appreciate the time and love that goes into each of these beautiful pieces of art.  I love her quilts and her message, so I just had to share them with you.

Jennifer quilts without a pattern, so each quilt is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Visit Dear Liza Creations on Etsy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet Strawberry Cupcake Shea Butter Soap is Back!

This batch of Sweet Strawberry Cupcake was made with a different colorant, so is much lighter in color this time.  The result is a very girly, delicate soap.  I am really loving these mini cupcakes, and I am selling them in a gift set of three.  I also made a small batch of bar soap this time (for those of you who are not thrilled with the cupcake thing).  This soap is extraordinarily sweet.  My girls LOVE it!

 Find this soap here

 Find this soap set here.

Find it here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Red Apple Soap

To me, there is nothing more refreshing than a crisp, fresh red apple.  They remind my of fall and the trips we have taken to apple hill.  This soap is completely inspired by those juicy red apples from the inside out.  I particularly enjoy this apple scent because it is not overwhelmingly sweet like candy, but amazingly crisp and fresh with just enough sweet.  I love it. Find this cupcake here.

I have gotten several requests for party favor cupcakes.  Since my regular cupcakes are a little on the large side, I have started making these mini cupcakes that are perfect party favor sized.  They come in a set of three and total around 6 oz. of cuteness. Find these here.

I am not completely happy with these pictures.  Natural light is my lighting of choice, and as fall is upon us, they are coming out a little dull.  Just as I get summer natural light mastered...

Finally, my bar red apple bar soap.  This came out several ways.  I did three loaves and they all came out different!  Some are quite layered, and some are swirled a bit.  I kind of went crazy that day.:)

Again, I am wishing I had a smello computer.  I really think someone should invent one.  These smell delicious.  Find this soap here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amazing Paper Art

In the evenings, when I am not reading, I do a lot of art surfing on the web.  I have come across several artists recently who create works of art out of paper.  These particular artists blew me away!  There are so many gifted artists in this area.  These are only a few that caught my eye.

This first artist, Peter Callesen, creates these amazing miniature sculptures using only a single sheet of paper.  The amount of detail in these sculptures is nothing short of amazing, and to think that he not only uses only one sheet of paper, he uses only the paper immediately surrounding the sculpture itself!

A Single Sheet of Paper

A Single Sheet of Paper

Everyone has fond memories of cutting out paper snowflakes at school for the winter and the holidays. Aoyama Hina, has taken this craft idea and transformed it into an art form.  The intricate detail is exquisite.

These cute scenes from Anastassia Elias are made from a recycled toilet paper tubes. Below is a paper quilled snowflake by Stephanie Sanchez, which I think is beautiful.


Pointy Paper Filigree Snowflake

Artist Yuken Teruya makes everyday objects beautiful. Here he makes a toilet paper tube come alive.  Below, he discovers new life in a McDonald's Happy Meal bag.

Corner Forest

Yuken Teruya's Delicate Paper Bag Art

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pumpkin Pie MMMMM!

Pumpkin Pie Soap

Pumpkin Pie...the staple of holiday celebrations everywhere.  I can't smell it without  my mouth watering.  With just a dollop of whipped cream on top...MMMMMM! Yummy!  This soap has all the warm spicy smell of a pumpkin pie without all those calories.  You can find this soap here.

If this isn't enough holiday yumminess (no, I really don't think that is a word) I also just listed a Pumpkin Pie Cupcake soap that I have a really hard time not biting into.

Pumpkin Pie Shea Butter Soap
Find this soap here.

Another Bird Story...

So about a week ago, my husband was out in the garage and heard something scurrying back in forth outside in the roof gutter.  Assuming it was a rat, he proceeded to climb up a ladder to "take care" of it.  Despite the love of rodents our children possess, we do not want rats circling the house.  EEWW!!  When he got up there, he saw this little bird skittering back in forth along the gutter looking terrified.  We felt so bad, we had to get the little thing out.  I got a stick and tapped the end of the gutter to get it to go toward him, while he caught it and started "talking it down".  The poor thing was very scared.  Although it was a baby, it was a rather large baby morning dove.  It could almost fly (at least it was flapping its wings like crazy every time we let it go!  We put it in a box and dropper fed it some water (it was very thirsty) and let it rest.  When we opened the box to check on it a while later, it flew out, managed to get a few feet off the ground and flew straight into the sliding glass door!  We felt SO bad.  While it got out, we did manage to see some sort of injury under its wing and it was very easy to catch after giving itself a concussion. So Aaron (my husband) called a local animal shelter and they said to just drop it off.  Apparently they had quite a few morning doves for the poor thing to play with.  The girls were all happy to hear it, as they wanted to adopt it forever.  It was a cute little thing.  It seems that our house is a popular place for local birdies to nest.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Positive Energy Soap

When I finished this soap, I thought, "this soap has some positive energy!"  The happy colors combined with the Yuzu/Energy fragrance oils used in this soap just makes me happy.  I used a combination of really luxurious oils in this soap, and it gets really smooth and silky in the shower.

The embedded shapes in this soap are coconut milk soap.  It was a really fun soap to make.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Find this soap here.

Also listed today:  I love Yuzu Shea Butter Cupcake Soap.
Find it here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cupcakes...Sneak Peek!!

I can't help it!  I have to post the pictures I took of my newest cold process soap cupcakes.  They are not quite ready yet, they still have to harden a bit, but the yuzu should be ready sometime next week.  I am very pleased with they way they turned out.  I'm getting a little better at frosting with soap (it is not as easy as doing it with frosting -let me tell you).  They don't always turn out "perfect", but it makes them look more realistic in my opinion.

Yuzu (Japanese Grapefruit)


Passion Fruit Papaya

These goodies will be available in the next couple of weeks!  I can't wait!!  They smell good enough to eat! Yummy!! I have some Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes on the curing rack also.

On the menu for this week...Red Apple Cupcakes...Coconut Lime Cupcakes...More Sweet Strawberry (I sold out!)  I'm going to be a soap making fool this next week!