Friday, August 6, 2010

Recyclable Lunch Boxes Continued...

After my last posted on recyclable lunch boxes, I finally decided on this one, the Easy Lunch Box from  This is something I didn't mention in my previous post, but one that a reader suggested.

Best lunchbox systems

These came in a pack of four for $14 and you cannot beat that price.  They also look reasonably easy to close and the kids can pick a regular lunch box to put them in.  Win, win, win!!  Thank you Jacque for the the suggestion!  I ordered them today.  Find a link to this lunch box

**Update**  I got them in the mail today and they are WAY sturdier than I thought they would be. The colors are really nice as well (lime green, bright orange, an eggplant purple and a dark aqua color).  They fit nicely into a standard sized lunch box , although not the ones that have the separate compartment on the bottom.  I was a little worried that our bread would not fit into the large compartment, as we use whole wheat bread that is a little larger than average, but it fit perfectly!

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