Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garden Meets BBQ

My mom had a lot more luck in the garden this summer than I did.  She recently brought me some glorious tomatoes, Armenian cucumbers, and some green peppers.  I was due to make some enchiladas, so I decided to roast the peppers on the grill.  This is super easy and the taste is outstanding when you are finished. First, I cut the peppers in half and took out the seeds and stems. Then I simply sprayed the them with a little oil and placed them on the grill, turning them periodically until they were starting to soften, turning slightly brown and the skins were starting to separate and bubble up.

 I am letting them cool a bit, and then I will chop them up to put into the enchiladas. Since I will likely have more than I need, I will freeze the rest.  Right off the grill, we ate some sprinkled with a little salt.  My girls were in love and asking for more. Yum!!

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