Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everything Rodent

My two youngest daughters started school this week, so this post is in honor of them and their love of all things rodent.  I am constantly on the hunt for handmade gift ideas and/or inspiration, and Etsy is of course the best place for this.  I found these adorable and hilarious goodies in my searches.  I have no doubt that there will be other posts like this one since they have this undying fascination with small animals.  If your children also have this curious interest, you need to check out these Etsy shops!  These were only a few of the lovely items I found there.

No Boys Allowed 8x10 print by mintbuttercup (top left), Knit Moon Bun Cozy Basket by moonscreations (top right), Squirrel Kid Tee by rainbowswirls (bottom left), Superman Meerkat by niftyknits (bottom right)


  1. thank you - I have to say I'm looking forward to school starting more now I'm not a teacher!

  2. What did you teach? I used to teach as well. I had to stop for a while because my oldest daughter had health issues, but I do miss it sometimes. I am going to do a lot of volunteer work in my younger daughters' classes this year though.