Friday, July 2, 2010

Mmmmm, Basil

I have been neglecting my garden a bit, but I did manage to plant basil, chives and tomatoes this year.  The tomatoes and chives have a way to go, but the basil is absolutely beautiful.  I planted two varieties this year, lemon basil and the more common sweet basil.  I am really enjoying the lemon basil since this is my first time planting it.  The flavor is lemony at the onset and then more like regular basil at the finish.  The smell is divine... very lemony.  Since I love lemon, I know that I am going to love this basil.  I am anxious to use it in cooking and maybe some lemon basil pesto. 

Today, my eldest daughter and I tried it on our sandwiches (although with store bought tomatoes...) instead of lettuce and it was really tasty.  Now I just need to think of the many ways I can use this basil, since I have so much of it!  

Lemon Basil - you can see that the leaves are more narrow and smooth. Pinch it and it smells of lemon.

Sweet Basil - leaves are more lush and wrinkly


  1. I have never tried lemon basil- You have me so curious! It sounds amazing! And I'm completely jealous of your green thumb. The Basil looks gorgeous!

  2. Don't give me too much credit. Basil is really easy to grow and it comes in a lot of varieties actually. Last year I grew some Cinnamon Basil. Not quite as sweet as Sweet Basil (which makes sense given the name). I usually end up with more than I really know what to do with.