Monday, July 26, 2010

Handmade Soap Stamps

So I was making soap this weekend (big surprise!) and I wanted to stamp my soap.   I was making was a honey/beeswax soap, and I wanted something subtle, but definitely beeish.  I found a rubber stamp with a bee on it in our stamp box and of course the feet from our Pitter Pattern logo stamp.

I took both stamps and made impressions of them in some craft clay.  I baked it according to the instructions and then made am impression of those with the clay.  I decided to put a little knobs on the end to make stamping easier.

 I was a little worried that they wouldn't stamp far enough into the soap, but I think they worked pretty well.  Since I had just cut my soap it was really soft and easy to work with.  The bee stamp was just the subtle touch I was looking for.

The foot stamp, since I was stamping into white soap,  I first stamped in some iridescent mica.  Again, just a subtle touch, although a bit difficult to photograph accurately.  This project has me looking around the house for more things to turn into soap stamps!


  1. Bravo! They turned out great. What a creative and inexpensive way to make a custom stamp!

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie! I am almost positive I got the idea from one of your older posts. You are such a source of inspiration and support. I sure do appreciate it!

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