Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Started

I decided several weeks ago to start a blog to share my adventures in crafting, gardening, cooking, and the like.  I have been crafting as long as I can remember, and it is one of my great loves. There are so many great crafting/cooking blogs out there that really inspired me to get blogging!  I am not always successful at my projects, but I love the process of creating things.  So I thought, since I am doing this anyway, I might as well share my attempts with others.

Several years back, my mom and I started a business together selling baby gifts on-line.  My mom, also a crafter, is a long-time quilter and is a whiz on the sewing machine.  We have a wide variety of products made by the two of us.  The website has been a labor of love over the years.  We recently decided to move our website to an Etsy site, so that we could keep our costs down while still reaching many people who appreciate hand-crafted products.  You can visit our site anytime here or our Etsy site on the right.  This link still goes to our old site, but we will move permanently to the Etsy site by July.  I will feature some of our products in this blog and explain how some of them are created!

So for my fist posting, I thought I'd share a project I've been working on for weeks and just finished.  I got this cabinet a few years back as a gift, and although I love it, the artwork on the door was a bit dated and a little too country for me.  I also have this awkward little area on our mantle that I am always trying to fill with interesting groupings, and I thought this might look good there.

I gave it a light sanding and several coats of paint, using an accent color on the inside of the door (of course removing all of the hardware first). The inside and back of the cabinet are natural wood, matching the little catch in front.  I found a pretty image on the internet and used carbon paper that I found at a local craft store to trace the image onto the door.

I then painted over the lines it on with black paint.  I suppose that you could leave the rough finish, but I thought that would just attract more dust and be difficult to clean, so I finished it off with a clear spray paint with a matte finish (I didn't want it too shiny).  I think it turned out rather well.

Look for new postings soon...

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